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M/LS I ainse loved a lass and I loved her sae well (Midi 2) Unknown
LE I am a broken-hearted milkman, in grief I'm arrayed
M/LI I am a little beggarman, a begging I have been B. Taylor
M/LW I am a young man living in sorrow B. Taylor
LI I am always light-hearted and easy,
M/LW I ask not for ease and riches B. Taylor
LS I bought a wife in Edinburgh
M/LAM I came from Alabama wid my banjo on my knee B. Taylor
LS I come tae a cross and I met a wee lass
M/LAM I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair B. Taylor
M/LS I dreamed a dream the other night Unknown
LS I gaed to the market
M/LAM I gave my love a cherry B. Taylor
M/LE I gave my love a cherry B. Taylor
M/LS I have heard the mavis singing B. Taylor
LC I have only one cap
M/LI I have seen the lark soar high at morn B. Taylor
M/LI I have seen the lark soar high at morn, T. Stephens
LS I heard a cow low and a bonnie cow low
LS I just got in from the Isle of Skye
M/LI I know a valley fair, (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LE I know where I'm going B. Taylor
M/LS I know where I'm going B. Taylor
M/LS I left my baby lying here, B. Taylor
LI I met my love by the gas works wall
M/LE I must away, I'll no longer tarry, T. Stephens
LC I never shall forget the day
LS I once had a boy and a bonny, bonny boy
LAM I once knew a maiden, a maiden so rare
M/LS I once loved a fair maid both handsome and gay T. Stephens
M/LI I once loved a maid and I loved her so well T. Stephens
LS I once was a maid, though I cannae tell when,
M/LS I rede you beware of the ripples, young man T. Stephens
LI I rose up early, ere dawn of day
M/LE I saw three ships come sailing in B. Taylor
M/LE I sowed the seeds of love T. Stephens
M/LC I took a stroll one evening in the latter part of JuneB. Taylor
M/LAM I wandered today to the hill, Maggie B. Taylor
M/LE I was paid off at the Home, from a voyage to Sierra Leone, T. Stephens
LI I went through out Dublin City at the hour of twelve in the night,
M/LC I will pluck them off your head, B. Taylor
M/LI I wish I was in Carrigfergus B. Taylor
LI I write this note to you to tell you of me plight
LI If I were King of Ireland's Isle
M/LE If pretty maids could run like hares on the mountain T. Stephens
M/LE If so be you ask me where B. Taylor
M/LW If to me as true thou art B. Taylor
M/LC If you should ask any girl from the parish aroundB. Taylor
LC If you will come and dance with me,
M/LSI'll gie you a pennyworth o' preens,A. Sim
LS I'll never forget the day I went and join'd the 'Ninety third',
LE I'll sing you one-o
M/LAM I'll take you home again, Kathleen B. Taylor
M/LI I'll take you home again, Kathleen B. Taylor
M/LI I'll tell me ma when I go home B. Taylor
LE I'll tell you a story, a story anon
LI I'm a buxom fine widow, I live in a spot
LAM I'm a decent boy just landed
LS I'm a decent railway porter And my name is Willie Lee
LS I'm a forester in these woods an' ye're the same design"
LS I'm a poor rovin' lassie and my fortune's been bad
LI I'm a rover and seldom sober,
LS I'm a skyscraper wean; I live on the nineteenth flair,
M/LS I'm a weaver, a Calton weaver; (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LC I'm a young man from Canada some six feet in my shoesB. Taylor
LI I'm bidding farewell to the land of my youth and the home I love so well.
LC I'm goin' downtown,
M/LE I'm lonesome since I crossed the hill B. Taylor
M/LI I'm sitting on the stile, Mary, where we once sat side by side B. Taylor
M/LI In a neat little town they call Belfast B. Taylor
M/LE In Amsterdam there lived a maid B. Taylor
M/LC In days of yore, from Britain's shoreB. Taylor
M/LI In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty B. Taylor
LI In eighteen hundred and forty one
M/LE In good King Charles' golden days, when loyalty no harm meant, B. Taylor
M/LE In Liverpool lived a merchant T. Stephens
LS In Norwa land, there lived a maid
LS In Perth there lived a bonnie lad
M/LE In Sheffield Park o there did dwell T. Stephens
M/LS In sober hours I am a priest, T. Stephens
M/LI In the County Tyrone near the town of Dunganon, Unknown
M/LC In the dark tangled forest where the lumberjacks sing,B. Taylor
LI In the town of Athy one Jeremy Lanigan
LC In the town of Springhill, Nova Scotia
M/LE In Wellington town at the sign of the plough, T. Stephens
LC Inside a field there was a tree.
M/LE I's a broken hearted keelman and I's overhead in love T. Stephens
M/LAM I's brought up with loving care on a farm in Tennessee (Midi 2) J. R. Davis
M/LS Is there for honest poverty B. Taylor
LC I'se the b'y that builds the boat
M/LE It came upon the midnight clear, Unknown
LS It fell on a day, on a bonnie summer's day,
M/LS It fell on a time when the proud king of France T. Stephens
M/LE It was a lover and his lass B. Taylor
M/LE It was down by Cults garden for pleasure I did stray B. Taylor
LS It was down in yonder lonely place
LAM It was early springtime, when the strike was on
M/LI It was early, early in the spring B. Taylor
M/LS It was in and through the window broads B. Taylor
M/LS It was in the month of May, my bonny lassie o,
LS It was in the pleasant month of June
LS It was up yon dark and lonely glen
M/LS It was upon a Lammas night B. Taylor
M/LI It's cold and raw, the north winds blow B. Taylor
M/LE It's fare you well, my own true love, T. Stephens
LS It's Lamkin was a mason good
LAU It's lonesome away from your kindred and all
LE It's of a false knight from the North
M/LE It's of a Jack and a jolly tar T. Stephens
M/LS It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain T. Stephens
M/LE It's of a pretty fair maid as you shall understand T. Stephens
M/LE It's often I sat on my true love's knee T. Stephens
LS It's over the water, it's over the sea
M/LE I've been a wild rover for many's a year B. Taylor
LS I've been wi' a couple o' cronies,
M/LS I've heard them liltin', at our yowe-milking, B. Taylor
M/LW I've no sheep on the mountains nor boat on the lake B. Taylor
LS I've seen lots of bonnie lassies trav'llin' far and wide,
M/LI I've traveled all over this world B. Taylor