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M/LC O Canada! Our home and native landB. Taylor
M/LC O Canada! Terre de nos aieuxB. Taylor
LE O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
M/LS O come a' ye tramps and hawker-lads B. Taylor
M/LE O come you wilful young men and hear what I shall tell, T. Stephens
LE O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,
LE O come, O come, Emmanuel,
M/LS O flower of Scotland B. Taylor
LS O gaily sings the lark,
M/LW O gentle dove with wings so blue B. Taylor
M/LS O gin I had a bonny ship, T. Stephens
M/LE O God, our help in ages past B. Taylor
LE O holy night! The stars are brightly shining,
LS O hush thee my baby! thy sire was a knight! B. Taylor
M/LE O I will put my ship in order, T. Stephens
LS O I'll lay ye doon, love, I'll treat ye decent
M/LE O Johnny, Johnny, but love is bonny, T. Stephens
M/LE O little town of Bethlehem, Unknown
M/LS O my love is like a red, red rose B. Taylor
M/LI O Paddy dear, and did ye hear the news that's goin' round? B. Taylor
LC O Peggy Gordon, You are my darling
M/LE O Polly love, O Polly love, the route it is begun, T. Stephens
M/LS O rattlin' roarin ' Willie B. Taylor
LS O sing to me the auld Scotch sangs
LE O sisters too,
M/LE O take me in your arms, love B. Taylor
M/LS O the summer time has come B. Taylor
LE O the times are hard and the wages low,
M/LAM O the vlosa law ih Bort Lawriga T. Stephens
M/LS O wha my babie-clouts will buy, T. Stephens
M/LE O what's the matter with you my lass T. Stephens
M/LE O where are you going to, my fair, pretty maid, T. Stephens
M/LS O where have you been, Lord Randal, my son? T. Stephens
M/LS O Willy's rare and Willy's fair T. Stephens
LS O yonder he stands, and there he gangs,
LS O, Kenmure's on and awa, Willie,
LAM O, sweet is the vale where the Mohawk gently glides
LS 'O, where live ye, my bonnie lass,
M/LS October winds lament around the castle of Drumore B. Taylor
M/LS Of all the maids of fair Scotland, T. Stephens
M/LI Oh all the money that e're I spent Unknown
M/LI Oh Bonny Portmore, you shine where you stand B. Taylor
M/LI Oh Bridgit O’Malley, you left my heart shaken B. Taylor
LS Oh come all ye tramps and hawkers lads ye gatherers oblaw
M/LI Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling B. Taylor
M/LAM Oh fare you well, my own true love. T. Stephens
LC Oh farewell, my own true love!
M/LAM Oh father dear, I oft-times hear you speak of Erin's isle B. Taylor
M/LI Oh father dear, I oft-times hear you speak of Erin's isle B. Taylor
LI Oh have you been to Avondale and lingered in her lovely vale
LI Oh here I am from Paddy's land a land of high renown B. Taylor
M/LS Oh I'll gie you a dress o' red.A. Sim
M/LS Oh I'll tak' my plaidie contented tae be B. Taylor
M/LI Oh list' to the tale of a poor Irish harper B. Taylor
M/LI Oh Mary this London's a wonderful sight B. Taylor
M/LS Oh my love she's but a lassie yet B. Taylor
M/LI Oh please ne'er forget me though waves now lie o'er me B. Taylor
M/LI Oh Roger the ploughboy, he is a dashing blade Unknown
M/LS Oh rowan tree, Oh rowan tree, thou'lt aye be dear tae me;L. Nelson
M/LI Oh see the fleet foot hosts of men," T. Stephens
LE Oh she was a lass from the low country
LS Oh so you, bonnie Leslie,
M/LE Oh the cuckoo she's a pretty bird B. Taylor
LS Oh the Dean o' Westminster wis a powerful man,
LE Oh the holly and the ivy,
LI Oh well, who wouldn't be a sailor lad a sailin' on the main,
LS Oh wha will lace my shoes sae sma'
M/LS Oh where and oh where is your Highland laddie gone? (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LE Oh where are you going said Milder to Moulder B. Taylor
M/LE Oh where have you been all the day B. Taylor
M/LS Oh where, tell me where is your highland laddie gone? B. Taylor
LC Oh! come, sit down close to me, my dear,
M/LE Oh! Slumber, my darling, thy sire is a knight B. Taylor
LS Oh! the auld hoose, the auld hoose,
LS Oh, a lassie sat milkin' her faither's kye
M/LI Oh, a wan cloud was drawn o'er the dim weeping dawn B. Taylor
LC Oh, bring me back the girl I love, the girl I love.
LE Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
M/LS Oh, can ye sew cushions and can ye sew sheets? B. Taylor
LS Oh, do you see yon shepherds,
M/LAM Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam B. Taylor
M/LAM Oh, I had a sister Sally, was younger than I am, T. Stephens
M/LAM Oh, I went down south for to see my Sal B. Taylor
M/LAM Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton B. Taylor
M/LAM Oh, I'm a good old Rebel B. Taylor
M/LC Oh, it being in the month of August, eighteen hundred and thirty-threeB. Taylor
LI Oh, it happened one evening at the playing of ball B. Taylor
LC Oh, Johnny was my true love's name as you can plainly see,
M/LC Oh, Lukey's boat is painted greenB. Taylor
LI Oh, me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep, chimney sweep
M/LAM Oh, my golden slippers am laid away B. Taylor
M/LAM Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you B. Taylor
LS Oh, there're sober men and plenty,
M/LC Oh... this is the place where the fishermen gatherB. Taylor
LC Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
M/LS On New Year's eve in Glasgow town (Midi 2) Unknown
LI On Raglan Rad of an autumn day I saw her first and knew
M/LE On Richmond Hill there lives a lass B. Taylor
M/LC On St. Patrick's Day, the seventeenth,B. Taylor
M/LE On the banks of the Allen Water B. Taylor
LI On the banks of the roses, my love and I sat down
LE On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
M/LI On the fourth of July eighteen hundred and six B. Hicks
M/LC On Tuesday morning we marched outB. Taylor
M/LE Once I had a hawk, and a pretty grey hawk. T. Stephens
LS Once our valleys were ringing
LC One day in December, I'll never forget,
M/LC One evening for pleasure I rambledB. Taylor
M/LS One Hogmany at Glesca' Fair, T. Stephens
M/LI One morning early I walked forth B. Taylor
LC One morning I awoke at dawn.
M/LE One night Polly Oliver lay musing in bed, B. Taylor
M/LI One night upon my rambles two miles below Fermoy T. Stephens
LS Oor wee school's a good wee school,
LE Open the door softly
M/LW Os wyt ti yn bur i mi B. Taylor
M/LE Our captain calls all hands, T. Stephens
M/LI Our troop was made ready at the dawn of the dayR. Clarke
LC Over an Ocean, and Over a Sea
M/LW Over Eryri the setting sun flashes B. Taylor
M/LC Over hills and far off mountainsB. Taylor
M/LS Over hillways up and down B. Taylor
M/LI Over in Killarney B. Taylor