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LS Ca' the ewes tae the knowes
M/LS Cailin mo rùin-sa is leannan mo ghràidh B. Taylor
LS Cam ye o'er frae France?
M/LW 'Cariwch,' medd Dafydd, 'fy nhelyn i mi B. Taylor
M/LC Chrétiens, prenez courageB. Taylor
LS Clansmen, the peats are burning bright, sit round then in a ring,
LC Close to my rose garden,
LAM Close your eyes my sleepy tenants
M/LI Cold blows the wind to my true love, (Midi 2) T. Stephens
LS Cold winter was turnin' o'er moor and o'er mountain
M/LE Come all ye maidens young and fair, T. Stephens
M/LI Come all ye young rebels, and list while I sing, J. R. Davis
M/LAM Come all you fair and tender ladies B. Taylor
M/LC Come all you jolly fellows and listen to my songB. Taylor
M/LE Come all you tender girls T. Stephens
LE Come all you wild young men and a warning take by me
M/LC Come all you young sailormen, listen to meB. Taylor
LS Come along, come along,
M/LS Come by the hills to a land where fancy is free B. Taylor
M/LC Come gentlemen and ladies, I pray you to draw nearB. Taylor
M/LI Come haste to the wedding ye friends and ye neighbors, B. Hicks
M/LAM Come in, come in, you old true love, T. Stephens
M/LE Come lasses and lads, get leave of your dads B. Taylor
LS Come let us climb Auld Arthur Seat,
M/LE Come listen a while and I'll sing you a song T. Stephens
M/LI Come over the hills, my bonnie Irish lass B. Taylor
M/LI Come single belle and beau, unto me pay attention. T. Stephens
M/LAM Come through the heather, around him gatherL. Nelson
LS Come, bonnie lass, and lie near me,
LE Come, come, Bold Archie he cried
M/LS Cope sent a challenge frae Dunbar B. Taylor