Aignish on the Machair (Going West)
A. M. Mackenzie

Come along, come along,
When day and night are over,
And the world is done with me,
Oh carry me west and lay me
In Aignish, Aignish by the sea.

And never heed me lying
Among the ancient dead,
Beside the white sea breakers
And sand-drift overhead

The grey gulls are wheeling ever,
And the wide arch of sky,
Oh Aignish, Aignish on the Machair,
And quiet, quiet there to lie.
And quiet, quiet there to lie.

The words of this song by Agnes Mure Mackenzie of Stornoway are set to an old Highland air. The 'machair' she refers to is the grassland that covers the wide sandy plain along the shore of the Atlantic through all the Outer Hebrides. On it are to be found wild flowers and above the song of the skylark and the call of the lapwing.