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LSWaggle O' The Kilt - Sir H. Lauder
M/LEWaggoner T. Stephens
M/LEWait For The Wagon B. Taylor
M/LEWait For The Wagon (Midi 2) Unknown
MWWatching The Wheat (Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn) B. Taylor
M/LEWater Is Wide B. Taylor
M/LEWater Is Wide (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEWater Is Wide (Midi 3) Unknown
M/LEWe Three Kings of Orient Are Unknown
LEWe Wish You A Merry Christmas
M/LIWearin' Of The Green B. Taylor
LSWee Cooper O' Fife - Anonymous
LSWee Deoch 'n Doris
LSWee Lass On The Brae
LSWee Magic Stane
LSWee Willie Winkie - W. Miller
LSWeek Your Man's Awa' Or Fisherman's Wife
LIWeela Wallia
MEWell May The Keel Row Unknown
M/LCWe'll Rant And We'll Roar B. Taylor
LSWe're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'
LSWestering Home - Sir H. Roberton
M/LSWha Wadna' Fecht For Cherlie - AnonymousAlan Sim
M/LSWha'll Be King But CherlieL. Nelson
LCWhat Ails You
M/LEWhat Child Is This Unknown
LSWhen I Look Tae Yon High Hills
M/LSWhen I Was No But Sweet Sixteen T. Stephens
M/LIWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling J. Huff
M/LAMWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home B. Taylor
M/LAMWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home (Midi 2) Unknown
MWWhen Morning is Breaking (Pan Gyfyd yr Heulwen) B. Taylor
M/LAMWhen You And I Were Young, Maggie - J. A. Butterfield & G. W. Johnson B. Taylor
LIWhere My Eileen Is Waiting
M/LEWhere The Bee Sucks - T. Arne B. Taylor
M/LEWhile Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Unknown
MAMWhiskey Before Breakfast R. G. Allen
MAMWhiskey Before Breakfast (Midi 2) Unknown
LSWhite Cockade
MSWhite Cockade/Flowers of Edinburgh B. Taylor
MSWhite Cockade/Flowers of Edinburgh (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEWiddicombe Fair B. Taylor
M/LAUWild Colonial BoyAlan Sim
M/LAMWild Irish Rose/Irish Lullaby/Sweet Rosy O'Grady - C. Olcott/J. R. Shannon
LAMWild Irish Rose - C. Olcott
M/LEWild Rover B. Taylor
LIWill Ye Come To The Bower
M/LSWill Ye Go Lassie Go B. Taylor
M/LSWill Ye Go Lassie Go (Midi 2)S. V. Nielsen
M/LSWill Ye No Come Back Again? - Lady Nairne B. Taylor
M/LSWill Ye No Come Back Again? - Lady Nairne (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LSWill Ye No Come Back Again? - Lady Nairne (Midi 3) B. Taylor
LSWill You Go To Flanders
M/LEWilliam Grismond T. Stephens
M/LEWilliam Grismond (Midi 2) T. Stephens
LSWillie Lee, The Railway Porter
M/LEWillow Tree B. Taylor
M/LEWillow Tree (Midi 2) B. Taylor
MSWind That Shakes The Barley Unknown
MSWind That Shakes The Barley/Miss Johnston's Reel/The Piper's Lass B. Taylor
LEWitch Of The Westmerlands
LCWithin The Well
LSWork of the Weavers
LCWorse Than Men