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M/LEPack up Your Troubles Unknown
MIPaddy Cronin's Reel B. Taylor
LIPaddy On The Railway
MIPaddy's Leather Breeches (Jig) B. Taylor
MWPan Gyfyd yr Heulwen (When Morning is Breaking) B. Taylor
M/LWPan O'wn I'n Rhodio B. Taylor
M/LWPant Corlan Yr Wyn (Let Now The Harp) B. Taylor
LSParcel Of Rogues
M/LIParting Glass Unknown
LIPatrick Was A Gentleman
M/LIPatriot Game J. R. Davis
MEPeacock Follow The Hen/Drops of Brandy (Slip Jigs) B. Taylor
LSPeat-Fire Flame - K. MacLeod
LEPeg O' Ramsay
LCPeggy Gordon
M/LAMPeggy-O T. Stephens
LAMPercy's Song
MSPetronella/Persian Dance/Niel Gow's Farewell to Whiskey B. Taylor
MSPibroch of Donald Dhu Unknown
MIPining Maid/Ships are Sailing/Crowley's Reel (Reels) B. Taylor
M/LSPiper O' Dundee B. Taylor
M/LSPiper Of Dundee B. Taylor
MIPivot Brig/Rakes of Kildare/Swallow Tail (Jigs) B. Taylor
LSPloughboy Lads
M/LSPloughman T. Stephens
M/LEPolly Oliver B. Taylor
LEPolly On The Shore
LEPolly Vaughn
M/LAMPolly Wolly Doodle B. Taylor
M/LIPortlairge T. Stephens
LSPortree Kid
MIPretty Maid Milking B. Taylor
LEPretty Polly Perkins Of Paddington Green
LSPride Of Glencoe
LIPride Of Petrovar
MIPriest's Leap B. Hicks
MCPrince Edward Island Wedding Reel (The)/Herring Reel (The) B. Taylor
MEPrivy Dance J. R. Davis
LAUPub With No Beer