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M/LCO Canada - C. Lavallée & A. Routhier - R. S. Weir B. Taylor
LEO Christmas Tree
LEO Come, All Ye Faithful
LEO Come, O Come, Emmanuel
M/LEO God, Our Help In Ages Past B. Taylor
LEO Holy Night
M/LSO Hush Thee, My Baby - Sir W. ScottA. Sim
M/LEO Johnny, Johnny T. Stephens
M/LEO Little Town of Bethlehem Unknown
LSO, For Ane And Twenty, Tam
LSO, Kenmure's On And Awa, Willie
M/LEOak And The Ash Unknown
M/LEOak and the Ash (Midi 2) Unknown
MIOak TreeH. Doolan
MIO'Donnell Unknown
LIOff To Dublin In The Green
MIOft In The Still Of The Night Unknown
M/LEOh Dear! What Can The Matter Be B. Taylor
M/LAMOh Dem Golden Slippers B. Taylor
MEOh No, John Unknown
M/LAMOh! Susanna B. Taylor
M/LEOh, Rest Thee Babe B. Taylor
MSOld Grey Cat
LCOld King Cole
M/LAMOld Maid's Song T. Stephens
MIOld Rambler B. Taylor
LCOn Citiadel Hill
LCOn My Way To Rainy River
LCOn The Banks Of Jeddore
LCOn Yonder Mountains
M/LEOnce I Had a True Love T. Stephens
M/LEOnce I Had a True Love (Midi 2) T. Stephens
LSOor Wee School - Anonymous
LEOpen The Door Softly
MCOttawa Valley Reel/The Miramichi Fire (Reels) B. Taylor
LAMOtto Wood The Bandit
M/LIOuld Orange Flute Unknown
LIOuld Woman From Wexford
M/LEOur Captain Calls T. Stephens
M/LEOver The Hills And Far Away B. Taylor
MWOver the Stone (Dros y Gareg) Unknown
LSOver The Water To Charlie