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MSGala Water (Braw Braw Lads) J. R. Davis
M/LSGallant Forty Twa T. Stephens
M/LSGallowa's Hills B. Taylor
M/LSGallowa's Hills (Midi 2)M. Littlemore
MIGalway Bay
LIGalway Races Unknown
M/LSGardener T. Stephens
M/LIGaryowen B. Taylor
M/LIGaryowen (Midi 2) Unknown
M/LIGaryowen - Solo Piper B. Taylor
M/LIGaryowen - Solo Piper (Wave Table Version) B. Taylor
LCGay Raftsmen
M/LWGentle Dove (Y Deryn Pur) B. Taylor
M/LWGentle Dove (Y Deryn Pur) (Midi 2) B. Taylor
MEGently, Johnny, My Jingalo Unknown
M/LAMGeordie T. Stephens
M/LCGhost Lover B. Taylor
M/LSGie The Lass Her FairingR. Clarke
LIGirl I Left Behind
M/LAMGirl I Left Behind Me B. Taylor
M/LAMGirl I Left Behind Me (Midi 2) J. R. Davis
M/LEGirl I Left Behind Me B. Taylor
LCGirl I Love
M/LIGive Me Your Hand Unknown
MSGlasgow Lasses/Lady Jardine/Miss Grant/Duchess of Manchester B. Taylor
MSGlendaruel Highlanders B. Taylor
MSGlenlogie B. Taylor
MSGlenlogie (Midi 2) Unknown
M/LEGloucestershire Wassail Unknown
M/LEGo From My Window T. Stephens
M/LEGo From My Window (Midi 2) T. Stephens
M/LAMGo Tell It On The Mountain B. Taylor
M/LEGod Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen Unknown
M/LEGod Save The Queen B. Taylor
M/LEGod Save The Queen (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LCGolden Vanity J. R. Davis
M/LAMGoober Peas B. Taylor
LEGood Christian Men, Rejoice
LEGood King Wenceslas
MAMGood Old Colony Days J. R. Davis
LSGower Wassail
M/LCGrand Hotel B. Taylor
MAMGrandfather's Clock Unknown
LSGranny's Heilan Hame - M. MacFarlane
MEGreen Bushes Unknown
MIGreen Flag B. Hicks
MIGreen Groves Of ErinR. Thorpe
M/LAMGreen Grow The Lilacs B. Taylor
LEGreen Grow The Rushes O
M/LSGreen Grow the Rushes-O T. Stephens
M/LEGreen Grows the Laurel T. Stephens
M/LAMGreenland Whale Fisheries B. Taylor
M/LAMGreenland Whale Fisheries (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEGreenland Whale Fisheries B. Taylor
M/LEGreenland Whale Fisheries (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEGreensleeves B. Taylor
M/LEGreensleeves (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEGreensleeves (Midi 3) Unknown
M/LEGreensleeves (Midi 4) Unknown
MEGreenwood Tree B. Taylor
MEGreenwood Tree (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEGrey Cock T. Stephens
M/LEGrey Hawk T. Stephens
LEGrey Hawk (Midi 2)
LSGrey Silkie Of Sule Skerry
LEGrimsby Lads
LSGuid Nicht, An' Joy Be Wi' Ye A'
M/LWGuide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (Cwm Rhondda) B. Taylor
M/LWGuide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (Cwm Rhondda) (Midi 2) B. Taylor
MCGuilmetre's Waltz Clog/Lacroix's Waltz Clog B. Taylor
M/LEGypsy Laddie T. Stephens
LSGypsy Laddie
M/LEGypsy Rover B. Taylor
M/LEGypsy Rover (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LEGypsy Rover (Midi 3) B. Taylor