Ar Lan Y Môr

Beside the sea there are red roses
Beside the sea there're lovely lillies
Beside the sea my sweetheart lives
Asleep at night and awake at morning.

Cold is the frost and cold the snowfall
Cold the house without fire in winter
Cold is the church without a vicar
Cold am I without my lover.

Wonder's the home and yonder the building
Where I've spent many a happy evening
In the loft there above the kitchen
With the girl with the yellow ribbon.

I've a cow with two horns of silver
I've a cow 'milks herself on her own
I've a cow that fills the pails up
Just like the sea which fills the seashore.

Ar Lan Y Môr

Ar lan y môr mae rhosys chochion
Ar lan y môr mae lilis gwynion
Ar lan y môr mae 'nghariad inne
Yn cysgu'r nos a choddi'r bore.

Ar lan y môr mae carreg wastad
Lle bum yn siarad gair âm cariad
Oddeutu hon fe dyf y lili
Ac ambell sbrigyn o rosmari.

Llawn yw'r môr o swnd a chegryn
Llawn yw'r wy o wyn a melyn
Llawn yw'r coed o ddail a blode
Llawn o gariad merch wyf inne.

Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor