Rob Roy

Rob Roy from the highlands came,
And to the lowland border.
It was to steal a fair lady
To hold his house in order.

And he has ta'en Jean Key's white hand,
And torn her grass-green sleeve,
And rudely tied her on his horse,
And asked her friends no leave.

Saying, Be content, be content,
Be content with me lady,
Where will you find in Lennox land
So braw a man as me, lady?

I winna go with you, she says,
I winna be your honey,
I winna be your wedded wife,
You love me for my money.

They rode till they came to Ballyshine,
At Ballyshine they tarried.
There he bought her cloak and gown,
But she would not be married.

Three held her up before the priest,
Four carried her to bed O
So mournfully she wept and cried,
When she by him was laid O.

Be content, be content,
Be content with me, lady,
Now you are my wedded wife,
Until the day you die, lady.

Rob Roy, was my father called,
McGregor was his name, lady,
All the country, far and near,
Have heard McGregor's fame, lady.

I'm as bold, I'm as bold,
I'm as bold, and more, lady.
Any man that doubts my word
Shall feel my good claymore, lady.

Be content, be content,
Be content to stay, lady.
Never think of going back,
Until your dying day, lady.

Midi sequenced by Terry Stephens
Used with permission

The Rob Roy in this song is the son of Rob Roy McGregor. He, along with his three brothers, kidnapped Jean Key and forced her into marriage. Later they were made to release her and Rob Roy was hanged.