Queen Mary

Queen Mary, Queen Mary, my age is sixteen,
My father's a farmer on yonder green:
He's plenty of money to dress me sae braw,
But there's nae bonnie laddie will tak' me awa.

One morning I rose and I looked in the glass,
Said I tac myself I'm a handsome young lass,
Put my hands by my side and I gave a Ha Ha!
But there's nae bonnic laddic will tak' me awa'

At Church every Sunday I'm sure to be there,
But oor priest never mentions in preaching or prayer,
In screeching and roaring there's nae word at a', 
To order young men to tak' lassies awa'.

Then be nae offended at what I hae said,
For it's but the dreaming o' every young maid.
Its the wish o' all wishes o' ane and o' a'.
That some bonnie laddle should tak' them awa'. 

Midi sequenced by Alan Sim