Katherine Jaffry

Lochnagar cam frae the west
Into the low countrie;
An' he's coorted Kath'rine Jaffray,
An' stole her heart away.

Hame he cam, ane Amosdale,
Cam fae the north countrie,
An' he has gained her father's heart,
But an' her mother's tee.

A bridal day it then was set,
An' the bridal day cam on,
An' who appeared among the guests
But Lochnagar himsel?

A glass was filled o good red wine,
Weel drunk betwwen them twa;
Said he," I'll drink wi' you, bridegroom,
An' syne boun me awa.

A few words wi your bridesmaiden
I hope you'll grant me then.
I'm sure before her wedding day
I would have gotten ten."

Out spoke then the first groomsman,
An' an angry man was he,
Says, "I will keep my bonnie bride
Until the sun gae tee."

"Until the sun gae tee"' he said,
"Until the sun gae tee,
An' deliver her ower to her bridegroom,
Which is my duty to dee."

But he's taen her by the middle jimp,
An' never stoppit to ca',
He's taen her by the milk-white han'
An' led her through the ha'.

He leaned him ower his saiddle-bow,
An' kissed her cheek an' chin,
An' then he wissed them a' good nicht,
An' hoised her on ahin.

He drew a trumpet fae his breist,
An' blew baith loud an' shrill;
A hunner o well-airmed men
Cam Lochnagar until.

A hunner o weel-airmed men,
Wi milk-white steeds an' grey,
A hunner o weel-airmed men
Upon his wedding day.

Horsemen rode, an' bridesmen ran,
An' ladies in full speed,
But you wadna hae seen his yellow locks
For the dust o his horse's feet.

She turned in the saiddle-bow
Addressed her late bridegroom,
Says, "The compliments I got fae you,
I'll return them back again"

So Katharine Jaffray was marriet at morn,
An' she was marriet at noon;
She was twice marriet in ae day,
Ere she keest aff her goon.