Land O' Heart's Desire
M. Kennedy-Fraser

Land o' Heart's Desire,
Isle of Youth,
Dear Western Isle,
Gleaming in sunlight!
Land o' Heart's Desire
Isle of Youth!

Far the cloudless sky
Stretchs blue
Across the Isle,
Green in sunlight,
Far the cloudless sky
Stretches blue.

There shall thou and I
Wander free,
On sheen-white sands,
Dreaming in starlight,
Land o' Heart's Desire
Isle of Youth.

Since long before the stormy Western seas were first laid open by the keel of a ship, the souls of the Celtic people have longed for immortality in a land of their own choosing. That it should be a land of eternal sunshine is natural to the Celtic race but that it should be also a land of eternal freedom is the hope of all humanity. The English words here are given by Majory Kennedy-Fraser and the tune is from North Usit.