Bonny Tyneside

As I cam' in by Tyneside
Where gently flows the rolling tide
A fair pretty maid passed by my side
And her looks did me ensnare.

She's ta'en me tae her faither's hame
Sae bashfully as I gaed ben,
Say's he "Young man ye're far fae hame
On bonnie Tyneside."

Weel it's I sat doon her folks tae please,
They treated me tae breid an'cheese,
An' the bairnies a'gaithered roon my knees;
It was a blithesome sicht.

But nine o'clock began tae strike
An'the ploomen lads began tae spit,
Says I tae masel' it's time tae flit
Fae bonnie Tyneside.

It's masel' arose up tae my feet
I bade them a' a braw goodnicht,
An' speirt the road tae Mains o' Gicht
An' the fair maid tae convoy.

She's shown me past the barn door,
And oh but my poor heart was sore,
Tae pairt wi' her an' meet nae more
On bonnie Tyneside.

But in the spring I cam' back again
An' on her finger placed a ring,
An' hame wi' me then she did come,
Fae bonnie Tyneside.

Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor