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LI 'T was down by Christ Church that I first met Annie
M/LS Tae the lairds i' convention t'was Claverhouse spoke B. Taylor
M/LS Tak the buckles frae your shoon, my bonnie lassie o
LS Tell me o' lands o' the Orient gay!
M/LAM Tenbrooks was a bay horse, had a long, shaggy mane B. Taylor
M/LW The ash grove, how graceful, how plainly 'tis speaking B. Taylor
LE The boar's head in hand bear I
M/LS The bonniest lass that ye meet neist B. Taylor
LS The Bonny Earl of Murray
LI The bright sun a-shining and blue skies a-pining
M/LE The cruel war is raging, Johnny has to fight B. Taylor
M/LE The Cuckoo's a pretty bird, (Midi 2) B. Taylor
LC The day I was shipwrecked and cast upon the shore
M/LS The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended B. Taylor
M/LS The deil cam fiddlin thro' the town Unknown
M/LS The Diamond is a ship, my lads, for the Davis Strait she's bound,R. Clarke
LE The first Noel, the angel did say,
LI The Garden of Eden has vanished, they say
LS The Isle of Mull is of the Isles the fairest,
M/LE The Keeper would a-hunting go B. Taylor
M/LS The Laird O' Cockpen, he's proud and he's great,L. Nelson
M/LS The Laird of Rosslyn's daughter walked through the wood her lane. T. Stephens
M/LW The land of my fathers is dear unto me B. Taylor
M/LS The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want B. Taylor
M/LE The love that I have chosen was to my heart's content. T. Stephens
LS The maid gaed tae the mill ae nicht
M/LI The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone B. Taylor
LS The moon's on the lake, and the mist's on the brae,
LAM The name is Francis Tolliver.
LS The nicht is wearin' tae the wane
M/LI The night being dark and very cold, B. Hicks
M/LE The night that I enlisted T. Stephens
LI The noble and the brave have departed from our shore
M/LI The pale moon was rising above the green mountain B. Taylor
M/LS The piper came to out town, B. Taylor
M/LS The ploughman he's a bonny lad T. Stephens
LC The pond behind our house is wide,
LS The provost's aye daughter was making her lane
LC The ship, one morning, weighed her anchor,
M/LS The sky was clear, the morn was fair B. Taylor
M/LS The stars are shining cheerily, cheerily B. Taylor
M/LC The stormy scenes of winter incline to frost and snowB. Taylor
M/LS The sun has gane down o'er the lofty Ben Lomond B. Taylor
M/LC The sun was setting in the westB. Taylor
M/LE The trees they do grow high, T. Stephens
M/LW The violet and the primrose too B. Taylor
LI The violets were scenting the woods, Maggie
M/LE The water is wide, I cannot get o'er, (Midi 2) B. Taylor
M/LE The water is wide, I can't cross o'er B. Taylor
M/LS The week before Easter, the day being fair T. Stephens
M/LE The whistling gypsy came over the hill, B. Taylor
M/LI The wind doth blow today my love T. Stephens
M/LAM The years creep slowly by, Lorena B. Taylor
LC The, gay raftsmen, Oh, where are they?
M/LS Then gie the lass her fairin' ladR. Clarke
M/LI Then stick to the Cratur the best thing in nature Unknown
M/LS There cam' a man tae oor toon,L. Nelson
M/LI There is not in the wide world a valley so sweet B. Taylor
LS There lived a knight in Jesuitmont
LS There lived a lady in Scotland
M/LS There lived a lady in the North T. Stephens
LC There on yonder mountains, who is forlorn?
LS There once was a man, and for beggin' he was bound
M/LS There once was a troop o' Irish DragoonsR. Clarke
M/LS There shall I visit the place of my birth. B. Taylor
LC There was a bonny dame,
M/LE There was a fair maid of Islington B. Taylor
LC There was a farmer living in town,
M/LAM There was a farmer's son, T. Stephens
M/LC There was a gallant ship from the northern counteree, J. R. Davis
M/LE There was a jolly miller once B. Taylor
M/LE There was a knight both young and fair, B. Taylor
M/LE There was a knight was drunk with wine (Midi 2) B. Taylor
LAM There was a lady and a lady gay,
M/LS There was a lady in the north, T. Stephens
LS There was a lass and a bonnie lass
LI There was a lord who lived in this town
LS There was a rich merchant wha lived in Strathdinah.
M/LS There was a soldier, a Scottish soldier B. Taylor
LS There was a wee Cooper wha lived in Fife,
M/LAU There was a wild colonial boy, Jack Duggan was his nameAlan Sim
LC There was a young captain who followed the sea
LI There was an old man down by Killieburn Braes
LC There was an old woman who had no bairns.
LI There was an old woman who lived in the wood,
LS There was four and twenty nobles stood at the king's ha'
M/LE There were seven gypsies all in a gang, T. Stephens
LS There were three gypsies a' in a row
LI There were three young gypsies came to our hall door,
M/LE There were two lofty ships, from old England came T. Stephens
M/LI There's a colleen fair as May B. Taylor
M/LS There's a farmer up in Cairnie,A. Sim
LS There's a good old Scottish custom that has stood the test o'time,
LI There's a nice wee lass and her name's Mary Mack
M/LC There's a place in Vancouver you all know so wellB. Taylor
M/LAM There's a yellow rose of Texas B. Taylor
LI There's lilt in the song I sing there's laughter and love
M/LS There's many a man of the Cameron clan B. Taylor
LS There's meadows in Lanark and mountains in Skye,
LS They came in a blizzard, we offered them heat
LS They snool me sair, and haud me down,
M/LE They told me last night B. Taylor
M/LS Think on Scotland's ancient heroesAlan Sim
LAM This song was composed by Irving the Rover
LS Though the nicht be dark as dungeon
M/LE Three maidens a-milking did go T. Stephens
M/LE Three pretty maidens a-rushing they went, T. Stephens
M/LC 'Tis a long time from you I've been waitingB. Taylor
M/LI 'Tis of a brave young highwayman this story I will tellL. Nelson
M/LE Tom Pearse, Tom Pearse, lend me your grey mare B. Taylor
M/LE Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day, T. Stephens
LS Twa recruiting sergeants came fra the Black Watch
M/LI 'Twas down by the glenside, I met an old woman B. Taylor
M/LI 'Twas down the glen one Easter morn (Midi 2) J. R. Davis
M/LAM 'Twas in eighteen hundred and fifty-three B. Taylor
M/LE 'Twas in eighteen hundred and fifty-three B. Taylor
M/LC 'Twas in the moon of wintertimeB. Taylor
LS Twas on a bonnie simmer's day,
M/LS Twas on a Monday morning Unknown
M/LE 'Twas on a Monday morning B. Taylor
M/LAM 'Twas on one bright March morning B. Taylor
M/LI 'Twas pretty to be in Ballinderry, B. Taylor
LS Two pretty boys were goin' tae the school