Yon Green Vallee

When first my darling came a-courting me
I have no doubt but he did love me
I was his fair face and his flattering tongue
So entic-ed me, I was but young.

On the green bank where we sat down
The pretty little small birds came whistling round
Changing their notes so melodiously
As the sun arose o'er yon green vallee.

It was on the Bible he made me swear
Look at those few lines are written there
No other man I'll ever take
And when he's dead love none for his sake.

For a month or better my love proved kind
And after that he changed his mind
Saying, "Tis my parents I must obey,
So farewell, darling, I must away."

Now I caught his hand, would not let him go,
Saying, "James you're my lover and that you know,
Remember the vows that you made to me
As the sun arose o'er the green vallee."

I will sing one verse of his yellow hair,
His rosy cheeks are uncompared,
His dark blue eyes so entic-ed me
As the sun rose o'er the green vallee.

Oh Jimmy darling I love you well,
I love you more than tongues can tell,
I love you more than pen can write
Oh Jimmy darling you're my heart's delight.

I will sing one verse and I'll sing no more
Of the false young man I so adored,
I will change my mind like the wavering wind,
I will dote no more upon false mankind.

Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor