The Three White Roses

One morning I awoke at dawn.
The dew was shining on the lawn,
Not long before day break, Tra la!
Before the day was breaking.

Down the garden path I went;
To gather roses I was bent,
To gather roses white, Tra la!
To gather three white roses.

Holding the roses in my hand,
I saw my love before me stand,
My love before me stand, Tra la!
My love before me standing.

Lovely she was in the morning light!
She asked me for the roses white,
She asked me for a rose, Tra la!
She asked for my three roses.

I gave three to her with a bow.
She tripped on one I know not how,
She tripped on one somehow, Tra la!
She tripped on all three roses.

Oh, mercy me! adown she fell.
She broke her leg, her knee as well,
She broke her pretty leg, Tra la!
Her knee she broke a falling.

Oh, bring to me a doctor, dear!
That I shall swoon I greatly fear,
I fear that I shall swoon, Tra la!
I fear I may be swooning.

O doctor dear, of you I beg
Whatever's happened to my leg?
What's happened to my leg, Tra la!
Oh, tell me what's the matter!

The way to mend it I will tell:
Dew drops shall weave a magic spell,
In dew drops bathe it well, Tra la!
In dew drops go a bathing.

Within a shining golden bowl,
Oh, that alone will make it whole,
With roses white adorn'd, Tra la!
Three roses white adorning.

A French Canadian folksong.